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제목 SOLARLIGHTKOREA(CO.,Ltd) Implements "K-Battery" with Used Battery Recycling
보도날짜 2021.08.21

They lead international technology standards with large-capacity dry discharging (type)
SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SOLARLIGHTKOREA(CO., Ltd) announced in August that it has developed a "post-use battery recycling process" that can maximize the high value of the secondary battery industry.

Used battery has a higher risk of fire and explosion; discharging process is essential stop to ensure safety upon transport, storage, reprocessing and disposal.
"After-use battery recycling" is a process for extracting and reproducing core materials for secondary battery, such as nickel and lithium, from used batteries or battery scraps from the manufacturing process. According to SNE Research, a market researcher for rechargeable batteries of electric vehicles, the global waste battery market would be valued at about KRW 20 trillion in 2030; although it is drawing attention as the next generation business of the secondary battery industry, the biggest obstacle not yet addressed is the used battery itself.

Since after-use battery is highly hazardous and explosive due to its high energy level, "discharging (low level stable state)" is a process essential for safe lifespan control.
The new technology introduced by SOLARLIGHTKOREA(CO., Ltd) is a "dry discharge" that converts the battery into a disabled state by consuming the remaining amount of the battery during the discharging process and makes it recyclable.

Conventional discharge technology "wet discharging (type)", i.e. immersion in electrolyte, has a drawback that large-capacity discharge is not available due to low efficiency, which is caused by time taken to dry, high cost wastewater treatment, and environmental pollution. Meanwhile, dry discharging (type) is a core technology presented by SOLARLIGHTKOREA(CO., Ltd), which consumes remaining capacity and enables efficient use of the used lithium-ion battery. Based on the unique technology of SOLARLIGHTKOREA(CO., Ltd), it is possible to diagnose a battery pack during charging/discharging, build a pre-treatment facility system to enable safe storage, transport and recycling, and perform large-capacity discharging treatment if a large-capacity dry discharging (type) facility is constructed.

"Our large-capacity dry discharging (type) is modern and innovative technology complying with ESG standards, which can also allocate resources eco-friendly, safely, and efficiently to provide economic feasibility; nowadays K-battery technology is leading the market," said Kim Wol-Young, CEO of SOLARLIGHTKOREA(CO., Ltd). "We need to build an eco-friendly industrial system by incorporating the K-battery technology into the secondary battery industry in connection with recovery, storage and treatment of waste resources, such as electric/electronic products including waste batteries for electric vehicles, solar panels, and secondary batteries, as the global waste market is expected to show steady growth."
Introduction of SOLARLIGHTKOREA(CO., Ltd)

SOLARLIGHTKOREA(CO., Ltd), as a leading K-battery business provider, holds a variety of advanced technologies, which enable stable maintenance of battery state using battery SOC/SOH diagnosis and control methods; discharging process procedures essential for battery performance test; and check on the remaining battery level and discharging level, by incorporating ESS O&M into know-how accumulated in a field of secondary battery. In particular, the large-capacity variable resistor control is an economical way to quickly conduct the essential discharge process the for large number of electric vehicle batteries – it is recognized as a core technology throughout the industry as new business related to the after-use batteries are actively promoted.

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