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제목 LIB Recycling Pre-treatment(E)

What is LIB Recycling Pre-treatment?

A pre-treatment step for the dismantling · disassembling · recycling of the used battery.

It's an efficient, systematic and eco-friendly recycling pre-treatment solution that delivery, storing, dismantling and disassembling the battery safely through deactivate LIB.

 Expanding the used battery industry due to increased demand for EV and the amount of waste batteries generated  Needs of efficient pre-treatment for reuse and recycling of used batteries
 Problems of Wet Discharge System such as Unsafety, Uneconomical, and non-Eco-Friendly  Needs of efficient follow-up to prevent accident caused used battery

SOLARLIGHT Secondary Battery Recycling Pre-treatment Solution

 (1) Nomal Dry Discharging
  - This process is adjust the SOC freely and discharges the remaining battery for storage and transfer.
 (2) Complete Dry Discharging
  - Consume up to 99.99% of battery capacity remaining after use for complete disassembled and crushed.

 (3) Regenerative Dry Discharging
  - Dry discharge technology with power regeneration structure that reduces energy by transmitting or self-consuming the energy
    generated during discharge to the system.

 (4) Movable dry discharging system
   - Installation and discharge of batteries in used battery generation areas such as battery manufacturers and intermediate processing companies.

 SOLARLIGHT Secondary Battery Recycling Pre-treatment Principle

 SOLARLIGHT Secondary Battery Recycling Pre-treatment process

 SOLARLIGHT Secondary Battery Recycling Pre-treatment output